We were looking for the best beach hotels near Ho Chi Minh after spending a good week in the city. After tons of research, we came up with this list of hotels and destinations to share with you.

The best beach hotels near Ho Chi Minh City are in Vung Tau and its surrounding areas, Long Hai and Ho Tram, all less than 3 hours away by bus. Mui Ne is also an option, only 5 hours away by train or bus.

Hotels in Phu Quoc and Nha Trang are also great, and only 1 hour away by plane.

Bellow, we will go into detail on which destination works best for you, and the best beach hotels in each area. We will also take a look at costs and how to get there.

Picking the Beach Hotel near Ho Chi Minh City for You

During our research, we discovered a lot of great hotels near Ho Chi Minh. First, we will quickly categorize the different destinations for you, to make the choice easier.

Hotels for Short Trips

There are lots of fantastic beach resorts around Vung Tau. Getting down here from Saigon only takes a few hours. Therefore this is the quickest and easiest option for many. Vung Tau, Long Hai, and Ho Tram make for great weekend getaways from the busy city life.

Mui Ne

Alternatively, you could also head a little further north towards Mui Ne. But if you have limited time, traveling up here may consume a larger chunk of your weekend. Travel time by train from Saigon takes upwards of 5 hours.

If you are not starved for time, Mui Ne, and its southern neighbors are all great options.


If you don’t want to spend so much time traveling and don’t want to go to Vung Tau either, the last option is to fly. Flying cuts away a considerable amount of travel time.

Flying to Nha Trang or Phu Quoc only takes about an hour each way. And tickets can cost as little as USD 40 each way per person. So this can certainly be a great option if you value your time more than the extra money you spend.

Vung Tau

Vung Tau is the beach town closest to Ho Chi Minh City. Getting down here is quite cheap, quick, and easy.

You can either take a bus directly to this beach city, or you can take a combo of bus/taxi and speedboat which is the more interesting choice. Both options take 2-3 hours in total.

Best Beach Hotel Options in Vung Tau

There is a large variety of hotel options to chose from here.

The Imperial Hotel & Resort (Agoda affiliate link) is an excellent luxury choice for those looking for a high-end resort experience just a few hours Ho Chi Minh City. Located right on the large and beautiful Back Beach in Vung Tau you get both convenience and luxury at a great rate.

CAO HOTEL VUNG TAU is a great option on South Beach in Vung Tau. With a beautiful rooftop pool overlooking the beach, as well as being a stones-throw away from the beach, Cao Hotel Vung Tau is a great option. Be sure to book early, if you are planning to go on the weekend.

The Wind Boutique Resort is a steal at under USD 100 per night. If you prefer staying in the center of town, instead of out by the beach go for this hotel.

If you decide to go to Vung Tau you will have a great time. The city is very clean, and so are all the beaches. The city offers a lot of great food options including fresh seafood.

Check out our detailed article on where to stay in Vung Tau here.

Long Hai near Vung Tau

Long Hai is about the same distance as Vung Tau is from Ho Chi Minh City. Fortunately for you, Long Hai is a very popular beach resort destination for people living in Saigon! Getting a bus down here is just as cheap and easy, as it is right by Vung Tau.

Best Hotel by the Beach in Long Hai

Anoasis Resort Long Hai seems to be the most popular beach hotel by far according to our research. After looking at the photos we can totally understand why.

This luxurious 5-star hotel has a beautiful pool that you only share with 74 other rooms. And if that is not good enough, they also have their own private beach that looks both clean and beautiful.

Since this is the best beach hotel in the area, it is quite expensive. Expect to pay USD 210 per night here.

If you want a hotel that is more budget-friendly, Lan Rung Phuoc Hai Resort and Spa is a great option at about half the price of the previous hotel.

Ho Tram a little further from Vung Tau

Only a little further up north from Vung Tau and Long Hai, you will find Ho Tram. The bus journey over here is only a little longer and should take you no more than 3 hours.

Beautiful Resorts in Ho Tram

Melia Ho Tram Beach Resort is a luxury option in Ho Tram. This 5-star luxury resort has it’s own beach, as well as a beautiful pool.

At this price point (USD 250+) you can expect only the best. And according to guests staying at this resort, they all seem pleased with their experience at Melina Ho Tram Beach Resort.

The hotel also offers a free shuttle service for you to and from Ho Chi Minh City.

Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resort and Spa is an option for about half the price of the previous recommendation. Guests here speak highly of the beach, pool, food, and rooms. But, unfortunately, the staff here don’t meet the standard you would expect from a 4-star hotel at this price.

A lot of people recommend staying at The Grand Ho Tram Resort & Casino (Agoda affiliate link). This is a luxurious 5-star hotel right on the beach front. It has 541 rooms that all come with large double beds and all the luxury you can expect from a hotel of this standard. Since it is a high-end resort, expect to spend USD 200 here for one night.

La Gi & Ke Ga

Tucked between Vung Tau and Mui Ne, you will find a little town called La Gi. Travel time is about 3 hours and 30 minutes away from Ho Chi Minh by bus with no traffic. In bad traffic the trip can take up to 5 hours.

This town is really off the beaten track. If you are looking for a more “authentic” beach getaway La Gi just may be the perfect place for you!

The Beach Resort in La Gi

Unfortunately there are not many hotel options by the beach available here Online. But Lazi Beach – Mom Da Chim Resort comes highly recommended by travelers visiting La Gi.

However, this hotel does not meet the same standards as many of the other hotels in this guide. It is not very central either. But if you like some real peace, this place offers a long beach and spacious rooms. Check it out if you are interested in visiting.

Ke Ga Beach Resorts

Ke Ga is located further up towards Mui Ne after you pass La Gi. Not surprisingly, just like La Gi there is very little happening here. You can get some of the best-valued beach resorts we found during our research here though!

Golden Lotus Resort is one of these great value beach resorts in Ke Ga. For only USD 60 you get the same amenities as you do at some of the USD 100+ hotels we have found in Vietnam. Something to check out if you don’t mind the location. It could also be a great stopover before reaching the next destination on our list.

Mui Ne

Phan Thiet is 4-5 hours away from Ho Chi Minh City by bus or train. Most travelers recommend going on the train instead of the bus. The train leaves at 06:40 AM and you will need to be there by 06:10. A taxi from District 1 takes about 20 min to the train station. From the train station, you can get a bus ride or take a taxi to your hotel.

Best Beach Resort Options in Mui Ne

Romana Resort & Spa is your best option for a beach resort in Phan Thiet. Be sure to book a while in advance as it tends to get filled up rather quickly. This hotel will set you back less than USD 100 each day.

While Romana offers an excellent beach resort experience with a great view, it is a little bit remote. We found most of the best beach hotels to be a bit outside the action. However, getting into town is not a problem

Bamboo Village Beach Resort is one of the highest-rated hotels in Mui Ne. It is a little more expensive than the other two options we have listed at USD 80+. But you get a bungalow right on the beach with an excellent 4-star standard.

Pandanus Resort is another great hotel option near the beach, but just like Romana this hotel is also not in a great location, however they offer a shuttle service into the “centre” of Mui Ne. The great thing about Fairy Hills is that it comes in at a great price point of only around USD 50 on average.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a bit further away from Ho Chi Minh City than the previous three destinations. If you decide to go by bus it will take about 8 hours in total.

It is, therefore, a better option to get a flight from HCMC. The flight will only take about an hour to Nha Trang. From the airport, you can easily make your way to your hotel by bus or taxi.

Best Beach Hotel In the Center

Nha Trang offers endless hotel options, however, best ones is hands down Novotel Nha Trang Hotel. This hotel is located right in the middle of the center. The rooms are clean and comfortable. The hotels’ beach is right across the road.

The restaurant and staff are all very friendly and accommodating. Try to get a room facing the ocean if you can.

We recommend staying here for great value and a great experience. The hotel room will only set you back USD 90 each night.

The Best Hotel Outside the Center

Since the hotel Novotel is located in the center of the action, you may not get the serene relaxation you were looking for. But don’t worry, we got you covered.

Amiana Resort and Villas Nha Trang is located outside the city. But that doesn’t really matter, as you will never want to leave the resort area! This luxurious 5-star hotel has fantastic, large villas and rooms.

If you decide to splurge and get your own villa, it even comes with a private pool for you.

The hotel has a pristine private beach for you to enjoy. And other travelers speak very highly of the service they got from the staff at Amiana Resort.

If you are looking for the ultimate beach get away, this is it.

Phu Quoc

The easiest way to get to Phu Quoc is by flying from Ho Chi Minh City, as the destination is about 12 hours away from HCMC by bus. Tickets are usually cheap, and you can get a one-way plane ticket for less than USD 40 on most days.

Phu Quoc was for a long time kind of a secret destination. The island offered some of the most beautiful, untouched beaches in all of Vietnam. These days you can find a lot of great hotel options on this beautiful island.

Two Excellent Beach Resorts in Phu Quoc

Salinda Resort Phu Quoc Island is the best choice for accommodation in Phu Quoc. This luxurious 5-star hotel offers anything you could need on your vacation. How about a champagne breakfast right by the hotels’ very own private beach? Spa and an enormous pool overlooking the ocean are also great additions to this secluded beauty.

The only drawback is that it is a bit outside of the center. But don’t worry, the center is easily reachable by taxi. The room rate for a night is around USD 200.

Anja Beach Resort & Spa is another great option at around half the price of Salinda Resort. The great thing about this resort is that it offers a lot of the same amenities as the previous hotel!

That includes a beautiful pool, right by the hotels own private beach. You can also walk straight from your room into the ocean which is a dream for most people.

The hotel offers a free airport shuttle back and forth. Some guests have complained that they needed to wait a while for the shuttle to fill up though. This hotel is also a fair distance from the center of the island, but can easily be reached by taxi.

Bonus Hotel Near the Beach

While doing our research, we found Lahana Resort Phu Quoc. While this is not a beach resort, we have decided to include it here due to all the praise it has received.

For only about USD 80 you get a hotel of the same standard as the previous two a little further from the beach. This hotel has an excellent view, as well as a beautiful pool. You can easily make your way down to the beach from here, but many guests have complained that the nearby beach is not as clean as the beaches listed in the previous two hotel recommendations in Phu Quoc.

Have a great trip!

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