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Step-By-Step Guide to Packing Carry-On Only (3 Quick Steps)

Packing carry-on only is one of the most liberating steps you can take to be free while traveling. It will lighten the load on your mind, shoulders, and wallet. After traveling carry-on only for over 6 years, I am ready to share my packing secrets with you so that you...

27 Things to Do in Halong Bay in 2020 (And What It Costs)

After trying out a bunch of the things to do in Halong Bay earlier this year, I really fell in love with Vietnam. So in preparation for my return this year, I have researched everything Halong Bay has to offer. I have put it all together in an easy-to-read list so you...

The 6 Best Party Streets in Bangkok (For Great Nightlife in 2020)

There are a few good options when deciding which of Bangkoks party streets you want to visit. After tons of research, and having visited a few of them, I wanted to put together a list of my favorites for you. Bangkok has something for every taste. From the young...

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