About TorsteinR.com

This travel website is a work of passion by its creator and author Torstein R.

TorsteinR.com was created in 2019 and is the latest major project by traveler and entrepreneur Torstein R. Torstein has started multiple successful small businesses both in his home country Norway and online.

How TorsteinR.com Started

I have always loved travel when I didn’t have any obligations taking up my time. I have a fisherman business that is mostly seasonal. So once the season was over, I’d pack my laptop and head out into the world.

TorsteinR.com was actually started purely as a passion project. After working as a freelancer on other people’s online businesses during the off-season for my fishing business for a while I had an epiphany.

I had all this travel information I had gathered over the years. After tons of resistance, and a few too many blogging courses I purchased the domain.

Since this domain is in my own name, I take a lot of pride in making these guides and articles. Since I, Torstein R, am the only author on the website, all of the articles on the website are of the highest quality I can produce.

Embedded Videos from YouTube

Many of the articles on this website have a companion video on YouTube. Lost and Jet-Lagged is a travel video project by Torstein R, and my brother Jens.

Our YouTube channel is seeing a lot of early success with a few videos reaching over 1000 views in only a few months after release.

If you have seen the YouTube videos, I think you will see a lot of benefits from reading the articles on TorsteinR.com as well.

The YouTube videos may provide more action than the articles though!

What I Share in the Articles

Most of the information provided from this website comes from staying in the countries the articles are about over long periods of time.

I find that the best way to learn about a new destination is to chat with the locals and ex-pats in the area and mix that with my own impressions from being there.

I also have a great passion for reading, listening, and watching videos. A good portion of the information I pick up are from reading guidebooks, listening to audiobooks, and watching travel shows on YouTube and TV.

There is however some information that I think is very important to go to the source to find. Often companies and accommodation have specific travel information like time tables, check-in times, tours, etc that are important to get right.

These details can always change, so it is smart to double-check vital information directly from the source yourself.

Also, keep in mind that this is a blog. While all the articles are well researched, my personal experiences and impressions on the topics are a large part of them.

Here is the TorsteinR.com Pinterest profile. I recommend following if you want to stay updated with all the latest articles we release!

Also, feel free to contact me at contact@torsteinr.com if you have any questions. I am more than happy to help you out.

I hope that my work will make your travel experiences easier and better!

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