Stunning Rice Fields near Ho Chi Minh City (How to Get There)

view of the rice field from the top of Ninh Binhs Viewpoint

When we visited Ho Chi Minh City rice fields was at the top of our to-do list. After doing hours of research, we found the best rice fields near the city. I want to share what we found with you here.

The Mekong Delta offers the most beautiful rice fields near Ho Chi Minh City. It is a 6 hour drive from the city. For most, booking a tour through one of the many travel agencies in the city is the best option. The other options are hiring a private tour guide or booking a homestay.

For the more adventurous the two last options will offer a better experience as it will be way less touristy. More on that further bellow.

Trips to the Rice Fields on the Mekong Delta

For most, a multi-day tour to Mekong Delta will be the best option to see the rice fields near HCMC. This way you get to see the most popular destinations for rice fields in the south in a very safe and planned way.

Travel Agency

You can book this trip by contacting one of the many travel agencies in Ho Chi Minh City. If you are in District 1, or any other tourist area of the city, finding an a travel agency is not a problem.

Two travel agencies with good reputations are Sihn Tourist or Sinh Balo. If you decide to go with them, make sure you don’t get scammed by one of the impostors trying to imitate them.

Day Trips

Day trips booked through the travel agencies in the city can be as low USD 10. But you get what you pay for here, and you can expect waiting around for hours. At this price not much more than a bus trip down there, and back again is what you get.

Most travelers spend USD 25-65 on their day trips, and also get lunch, entry fees, and everything else included. You can usually find these trips all around District 1. If not, just ask your hotel and they will be able to assist you.

Honestly, if you only have a day available, Ben Tre may be a better experience for you since the bus ride to the Mekong Delta takes quite a few hours. Here you can see some locals make coconut candy, and get a river tour, but no focus on rice fields unfortunately.

Multi-day Trips

Since the ride down to the Mekong Delta will take 6 hours, we recommend spending at least one night there.

On these trips you leave early in the morning and sleep at a hotel or homestay, then return in the afternoon the following day.

This way you get two days of exploring instead of rushing around for one afternoon and then having to sit on a bus back for 6 hours.

Ta Pa Mountain Overlooking the Rice Fields

The best place to go see the rice fields near Ho Chi Minh City is hands down Ta Pa Mountain. From the western side of the Mekong Delta, the mountain itself overlooks the rice fields bellow.

Rice fields in Vietnam at dusk

The roads as you approach the mountain is quite bad as you get more into rural Vietnam, but it is worth it for the breathtaking experience as you finally get to overlook the rice fields from above in a similar fashion to Ninh Binh in the north.

Hau Giang & Dong Thap Rice Fields

Another alternative is Hau Giang or Dong Thaps rice fields. Similarly to Ta Pa, these destinations are also quite a long drive from Ho Chi Minh City, on the Mekong Delta.

All of these destinations can easily be accesses through tours from Ho Chi Minh City.

Private Tours to Rice Fields near HCMC

If you don’t want to join a group tour, and have some more money to spend, a private tour to the rice fields may be for you.

The costs reported for a group of four is around 240 USD. So the price is doubled compared the similar group option.

Agency or Local Guide?

Booking a private tour through an agency can be an excellent choice if you are looking to see the rice fields in South Vietnam, but it will also open up more options to see some of the more local rice fields in the area of Ho Chi Minh City.

You can also get a trip that is customized for you, and not the standard trip that every other tourist decides to check out.

Local Guide

If you are more adventurous or experienced in Vietnam, booking a private trip from a scooter driver could be an option as well.

Vietnamese workers in the rice fields

While I cannot recommend going this route if it is your first time in Vietnam, this can be quite an unique way to see the rice fields with having to head all the way down south to the Mekong Delta.

Just like anywhere else in Vietnam, there are rice fields everywhere! The outskirts of HCMC is no different.

There are lots of locals that would be happy to offer you this service. Both motorcycle drivers and students looking to practice their english speaking skills could be potential guides to show you the rice fields that are closest to the city.


Agencies offer a lot of different tours for travelers looking to see the rice fields, and if you are going on a private tour, the possibilities are endless.

A few examples from looking around: You can find boat trips along the Mekong Delta.

And also, some people really enjoy going on biking trips along the rice fields as well. This is a great way to see the rice fields from Ta Pa Mountain!

You can extend your trip from a night or two up to a week if you really want to soak in what Vietnam has to offer!

Homestays near the Rice Fields

Chosing to stay at an homestay near the rice fields on your own can be an excellent option as well. You get a lot of the freedom you would from having a private guide taking you around to the different hotels, and attractions, just on your own.

Some Great Homestays

Bellow I have listed a few of my favorite homestays along the Mekong Delta. The links will take you to Agoda:

Green Village Mekong, Can Tho, Vietnam Located a bit outside town, this homestay is highly rated among travelers. While it lacks AC, the friendly owners makes up for it. They will also be able to help you to see the rice fields in the area.

Homestay Ngoc Sang, Vinh Long, Vietnam is situated right by the ferry to An Ninh. This is also a great budget option for those on a tight budget. Just like the previous suggestion the owners here are super friendly and helpful. Ask to see their private garden if you get the opportunity.

Farmer Homestay – Mekong Garden, Can Tho, Vietnam like the name suggest Farmer Homestay will give you a real taste of Vietnamese life on the country side. This is one of the most revered spots to stay we found while doing our research. Certainly a spot to keep in mind if you are looking for a local feel while looking at all the rice fields and other beauties southern Vietnam has to offer.

Whichever option you pick, you will certainly have a great time. If you have some more time available I can really recommend heading up north to see more rice fields.

We have a video & guide to Ninh Binhs beautiful viewpoint that you would like.

If this was helpful, consider sharing it so it can help others as well! 🙂

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