Let’s have a look at where to stay in Vung Tau. After returning home from my first stay in Vietnam 4 years ago, I have always wanted to go back to Vung Tau. So this year I decided to do the research and find the best areas in the city to stay. I want to share the results with you here.

There are two main areas to stay in Vung Tau: Front Beach (Bai Truoc) is the smaller beach where the harbor is located. And Back Beach (Bai Sau) which is larger and cleaner. Both areas are within walking distance of each other and the center of Vung Tau. 12 KM outside Vung Tau is Long Hai, a relaxed resort town.

Both areas can be great options, but there are a few things to keep in mind before deciding on one. We will discuss the drawbacks and advantages of both areas, and make some recommendations for you in this article.

Should You Stay on Front Beach or Back Beach in Vung Tau?

Both Front Beach and Back Beach are excellent choices for a visit to Vung Tau.

Front Beach

Front Beach is located right by the harbor. Here you can easily access the hydrofoil boat taking you between Vung Tau and Ho Chi Minh City. Most of the hotels in the area are only a 5-minute drive away from the harbor.

However, since the harbor is located right in Front Beach, there is significant pollution in the water here. Also, the beach is full of rocks, further spoiling the swimming experience.

The sunset from this side of Vung Tau is beautiful though.

The best thing about Front Beach (Bai Truoc) is that there are fewer hotels (and other tourists). While there certainly are lots of tourists during the weekend, and especially during the public holidays, there are also locals amongst you.

We found the hotels in this area to be significantly cheaper in general than over at Back Beach, if you want to travel on a budget this is a good choice for you.

The distance from Front Beach to the center of Vung Tau is about 1 KM, and can easily be walked. If not, a taxi to the center will only set you back USD 2 or so.

If you prefer staying near your hotel, rather than heading into the center of town that is no problem. You will find all the restaurants and bars you will ever need around Front Beach.

Hotel Recommendations for Front Beach

In this section, we have listed our favorite hotels by Front Beach for you. Please note that all the links here are affiliate links to Agoda. While the prices vary depending on demand we will give you an indication of what to expect to pay.

Palace Hotel is a great budget option right by Front Beach. While it is a bit dated and the walls are thin, you get a lot of value for your money here at only USD 35 per night. Outside there are lots of restaurants and bars, and the ferry back to Ho Chi Minh City is only 5 minutes away by car.

Muong Thanh Holiday Vung Tau Hotel is another options right nearby. It is a little most costly at USD 45 per night, but the hotel also looks less dated. It has the same great location as Palace Hotel, so if you have another USD 10 to spend per night, this could be a good option.

If you are looking for a more spacious apartment to stay in, Kim Minh Apartment & Hotel could be the place for you if you prefer that over normal hotels. It is in about the same price class (and up) as the previous two hotels we recommended.

Back Beach

Back Beach, or “Bai Sau” is significantly longer than Front Beach. While the ladder only stretches 2 km, Back Beach is stretching from end to end of the South Eastern side of Vung Tau. The beach is nearly 10 KM long!

This also means that there is a lot more room for hotels. And it shows. As you walk along the promenade of Back Beach, you can see hotels after hotels, in all sizes, and for all budgets.

However, in general Back Beach is more expensive than Front Beach, but that is not to say that you cannot find good deals here, and we have listed a few recommendations for you below this section.

The beach itself is in a lot better condition than Front Beach, and you can confidently swim here. There are also quite a few vendors around that will sell you most of the things you will need (and not need) for a day at the beach.

We should mention that there is a bit of a problem with locals and tourists from Saigon throwing rubbish on the beach. But in the last years, the local government has really tried cleaning up the beach. If you arrive early in the morning, it will be at its cleanest. There are workers out cleaning every morning at around 6 AM.

There are a lot more hotels to choose from in Back Beach, so if you decide to stay by the beach in Vung Tau this is likely where you will end up staying, just due to the enormous amount of hotels in the area!

Hotel Recommendations for Back Beach

Vung Tau RiVa Hotel is the best budget hotel we found in Back Beach. For only USD 30 per night you get a spacious and clean hotel right by the beach. You are also within walking distance of the center of town, and all it’s offerings. The only drawbacks at this hotel are that there is no pool, and the English of the employees is limited.

Corvin Hotel is a cheaper (25 USD per night) option with a pool if that is important to you. The service and aircon at this hotel is not as good as the one recommended above though.

Malibu Hotel is a fantastic option on Back Beach. While it is not directly on the beach like the other recommendations, it is only a two-minute walk for you to get to the water. With all the amenities of a more expensive hotel and very helpful staff, this is a great deal at only USD 90 per night.

CAO HOTEL VUNG TAU is a great option on South Beach in Vung Tau. With a beautiful rooftop pool overlooking the beach, as well as being a stones-throw away from the beach, Cao Hotel Vung Tau is a great option. Be sure to book early, if you are planning to go on the weekend. USD 150/night

The Imperial Hotel & Resort is also an excellent luxury choice for those looking for a high-end resort experience just a few hours Ho Chi Minh City. Located right on the large and beautiful Back Beach in Vung Tau you get both convenience and luxury at a great rate. USD 180/night

In The Middle of Vung Tau

Since Vung Tau is such a small town in terms of the area it covers, you could mostly stay anywhere in the city. Everything is quite walkable. And a taxi ride to both the beaches in the city will only cost you a few dollars.

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The distance between Front Beach and Back Beach is only 2.3 KM

Staying in between could be a great choice if you want the freedom of having super easy access to everything.

Around this whole area of Vung Tau is where a lot of the restaurants and nightlife are located. And the nightlife in Vung Tau can be quite exciting. If you are looking for a great time out on the town, we can recommend staying here.

A Hotel in the Center of Vung Tau

Pullman Vung Tau is a luxurious 5-star option a little bit away from South Beach that could be a great option for you if you don’t mind living away from the beach. A stay here will only set you back USD 90 per night

Bai Dau

We can’t recommend staying here if you would like to really easy access to the city, as it is about 3 KM north of Vung Tau. But this is a clean and beautiful beach is a local favorite.

Alternatively, if you get tired of staying in the city, heading up here for a few hours could be a great way to spend an afternoon.

Here are two hotels in the area if you decide to stay up here:

Tien An Hotel Vung Tau at under USD 20 per night you get a hotel with a pool right by the beach. However, it is at the lower end of our hotel recommendations, so curb your expectations a little. Some guests have complained that the staff may be a bit rude and that the rooms are old. But it is a great value option at Dai Bau.

If you are looking for a quiet and comfortable stay in Vung Tau, then Sea Mountain Hotel could be for you. We really love the designs of the little curved townhouses here. It is a bit more pricy than the previous suggestion and will set you back USD 65 per night.

Long Hai

About 12 KM outside of Vung Tau, you will find Long Hai. The sea-side resort is about a 30-minute drive from Vung Tau

Long Hai has become a very popular weekend getaway destination for people living in Saigon. If you decide to head down here for a weekend, booking your hotel in advance can be a smart idea.

Unlike Vung Tau, Long Hai could be quite boring for some people. If you are looking for a relaxing sea-side weekend go here. But if you are looking to enjoy the nightlife, and some more excitement, you should stay in Vung Tau instead.

The best Beach Resorts in Long Hai

Anoasis Resort Long Hai seems to be the most popular beach hotel by far according to our research. After looking at the photos we can totally understand why.

This luxurious 5-star hotel has a beautiful pool that you only share with 74 other rooms. And if that is not good enough, they also have their own private beach that looks both clean and beautiful.

Since this is the best beach hotel in the area, it is quite expensive. Expect to pay USD 210 per night here.

LongHai Channel Beach Resort & Cafe is a great budget option in Long Hai. At half the price of the previous recommendation, you can have a fantastic stay here.

What is the Best Beach in Vung Tau?

As we mentioned, Vung Tau is reasonably small. So whichever area you decide to stay, making your way around and enjoying the different beaches is not really a problem.

We recommend staying away from Front Beach if the purpose of your trip is to go swimming. Due to the pollution, this beach is best enjoyed from a distance. It is said to be the most beautiful beach to watch the sunset from. And around the beach, you will find everything you need for your stay.

As for Bai Dau, this is your best choice if you want to go swimming. It is a beautiful beach. And it is reasonably clean. The big drawback of this beach is the location is so far away from everything in Vung Tau.

Long Hai and it’s large beach is a great choice if you want to get away from everything and enjoy the beach. In a similar style to Bai Dau, this beach is also located quite far away from all the action in Vung Tau. But the selection of nice hotels in this area is a lot better than in Bai Dau.

Back Beach is our favorite beach in Vung Tau. And it is the one we will return to in a few weeks. What we like most about it is that it is clean, and the location is good. From here we can both enjoy the large beach, we have a great selection of hotels, and the restaurants and nightlife is not far away.

The thing we don’t like about Back Beach is that it can be quite packed with tourists during the weekends and holidays, but that is a small sacrifice to make to have all of the advantages the beach offers compared to the other options in Vung Tau.

Nightlife in Vung Tau

If you enjoy more traditional night activities like going to a night market or having a good time over dinner with friends, then Vung Tau is an excellent destination. There is a large selection of fresh seafood, and enjoying a few drinks with friends and locals is always fun.

They also have dog racing at Lam Son stadium for those interested!

However, if you are looking for lots of bars and nightclubs in Vung Tau, you may be a bit disappointed by the selection. There are a few of the standard options for you to choose from like karaoke bars, beer bars, and a few nightclubs.

We found that a lot of the bars around Front Beach caters to older gentlemen looking for company. But there are quite a few regular bars and nightclubs especially along Back Beach that you can visit without needing eye-bleach afterward.

You will probably like to read our article on all the best beach hotels near Ho Chi Minh City as well.

Anyway, we hope you have a great trip to Vung Tau!

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