Where to stay in Manila, like in many other large cities depends largely on what you are looking to experience. Since you are looking for an answer to this I am going to assume that you are not very familiar with the areas of Manila.

For first time visitors looking for where to stay in Manila, the best area to stay in Manila is Makati because of its safety and location. Being close to the airport makes it a popular choice for travelers. Since Makati is so popular with tourists, you will find everything you will need, from restaurants, nightlife, to budget hostels and hotels.

Let’s have a look at some of our favorite spots in the area so that you can make an easier decision for your visit.

Best area to stay in Manila: Poblacion in Makati

While all of Makati is an excellent choice for travellers we recommend you to check out hotels in Poblacion, Makati for the best experience and value.

Poblacion in Makati is the most popular option for backpackers and travellers looking for likeminded souls. Known for some of the best nightlife in Manila. You can party all night long in one of the nightclubs or one of the many bars. Or simply grab some excellent food just about anywhere in Poblacion, Makati.

google maps screenshot of where to stay in Manila. The marked area is Makati
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Finding a hotel in Makati cheap is not as easy as some of the Philippines neighbouring countries like Thailand, or Vietnam. But hotels in Poblacion come at a great rate compared to many other parts of the city. Like mentioned above this area caters very much to backpackers, so the prices are naturally pretty low.

Don’t get me wrong there are a bunch of of options for all travel budgets in the area. But generally you will find the best rates for budget hotels in Makati in this part of the city.

Hotel suggestions for Poblacion

I have listed a few highly rated hotels and hostels in Pablicion for you, note that prices may vary from time to time, but this should give you an idea:

Makati Budget Hotel is a very basic hostel room that will only cost you about 800 PHP a night. If possible, I would recommend spending a bit more for a nicer room. But this is an excellent option on a budget.

San Agustin Residences is a personal recommandation from me, and will only cost you 1200 PHP a night for a simple and clean room. Note that the check in times can be limited at this one.

OYO 103 Artina Suites Hotel comes in at under 1600 PHP. It is clean and simple, and comes with a lot of equipment that will make your stay a little easier.

City Garden GRAND Hotel is a highly rated hotel with a pool for those willing to spend a bit extra for a better room. This hotel will set you back about 3700 PHP a night.

Earlier I wrote an article on the best transport options from Manila airport to Makati. Consider reading this as well if you want to get to Makati quick and easy.

nightlife photo of a restaurant in makati philippines
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Hotel near Manila airport

Makati is a 30-40 minutes drive away from the airport due to the horrible traffic of Manila. You should consider staying closer to the airport if you are only staying overnight to catch your next flight from the airport in Manila, Philippines.

You are not alone, as lots of travellers use Manila as a stop to get a nights sleep before they go on to other parts of the Philippines. And the airport is where to stay in the Manila for one night if you just want some rest.

Suggestions for hotels near Manila Airport Philippines

A hotel near Manila airport is not hard to find. Hotels are available all the way from 800 PHP per night, to ten times that!

Belmont Hotel Manila is a highly rated alternative if you are willing to spend 4000 PHP for a more luxurious experience

Tess and Tessha Condotel is a great mid-range option and will cost you around 2000 PHP. Nice rooms, and comes with a pool.

Favila transient rooms will only set you back about 800 for a good nights rest, and also has a pool avilable, which is great at this low pricepoint.

As you can see the prices near the airport are generally lower than those in the city, but this is obviously because there is not as much to do around the airport.

Other areas to stay in Manila

While Makati is definetly not the only area to stay in the Philippines. It is the one I would recommend for a first time visitor. If you want to have a look elsewhere Quezon City often comes highly rated for even more nightlife than Poblacion.

Just don’t stay here.

Malate can also be good if you want to stay down at the bay.

Learn how to get from Manilas airport to Makati in this article.

pinterest optimized image: the best hotels in manila, makati
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