So I was researching transport from Ninoy Aquino International Airport for our upcoming trip to the Philippines. Since I found all this information on how to get from Manila Airport to Makati I’ll share the best options with you.

The best transport options from Manila Airport to Makati is
1) Standing in line for the yellow airport taxis
2) Downloading the Uber app equivalent “Grab” and ordering a ride
3) Taking the airport bus line from the terminal
4) Taking the Public bus and then the MRT
Keep reading for more details on each options

Taxi from Ninoy Aquino International Airport

One of the simplest ways to get to your destination is taking a yellow taxi from the airport directly to your accommodation in Makati. This will take a lot of the stress out of the trip.

Google Maps image of the fastest route from Manila Airport to Makati by taxi
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Manila traffic

To take a taxi you have 3 options: You can respond to one of the touts trying to scam you. They will ask you 1200 PHP, which is way too much. If you ignore anybody yelling at you as you come out of baggage claim you will be fine.

Coupon taxi from inside the airport terminal

The second and perhaps the best taxi option is taking a coupon taxi from the airport. You can buy tokens for these taxis inside the terminal building.

What is great about these taxis is that you will get a fixed price. 440 PHP is the standard price all the way to your hotel in Makati. Simply give the lady at the desk your hotel address, and you will be on your way. No fuss.

The drawback of this option is that it is significantly more expensive than the next option.

Yellow Taxi from NAIA to Makati

The yellow taxis offer the cheapest taxi prices from inside the airport. The drawback of this option is that you may end up waiting in line for 30+ minutes depending on the time of the day you are arriving. On the positive side, this ride should cost you under 200 PHP all the way to your hotel in Makati.

To find these taxis walk right outside the terminal and look for the yellow taxis. The line should start at a sign reading Yellow Metered Taxi Entrance

You could check the line before making up your mind, but you have to decide what’s worth more, your time or your money.

White Taxi from outside to Makati

If you are in the mood for getting scammed, or if you are a local, you could also walk past the yellow taxis to find the standard white taxis of Manila. Note that these taxis are not very regulated by the airport, so unless you are a great haggler or local I’d recommend stearing clear of these taxis.

Manila airports Uber alternative, Grab

Unfortunately Uber is no longer available in the Philippines. However, if you were planning on leaving Manila airport by Uber there is an alternative. Grab is the South East Asian equivalent of Uber.

To get started simply grab a sim-card from one of the vendors at the airport. Or roam with your normal card if you don’t want to save money by buying a local sim-card from the airport.

Download the app, tap in Ninoy Aquino International Airport, your destination, get an estimate, and the app will tell you where to meet your driver.

This can also be useful for getting an estimate of the average taxi cost if you want to haggle a bit with the white taxis for a deal from Manila airport to Makati as well.

morning view of the Manila skyline
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Have a look at a few hotels & guesthouses in Makati by tapping here (Agoda affiliate link).

Manila airport pickup – the car service alternative

For getting some Manila airport car service you could either contact one of the companies at the airport, but if you want to make it extra easy for yourself I would recommend just sending a message to your hotel prior to arriving and have them pick you up at the airport.

Obviously this is a more expensive option than the standard taxis us mortals take, but getting car service from Ninoy Aquino International Airport has it’s advantages. Not only will you be tracked by the hotel for added safety.

You will also avoid the hassle of having to explain to the driver of Manila airports car service where you are going after he gets lost half way along the way.

Other great alternatives like mentioned above are Grab and the Coupon taxis for convenience, however these two options requires some very light effort..

Bus and train from NAIA

Not in the mood for a taxi from the airport? Want to save a few pesos? We got you covered.

UBE Express from the Manila airport to Makati

According to the UBE Express website the airport bus runs 24/7 from terminal three, and from 8 AM and 10 AM from terminal one and two. It is said to be very comfortable, but slightly unreliable in regards to the timetables.

If you are traveling alone, or don’t want to bother with the taxis, this bus will only set you back 100 PHP per person.

Purchase tickets from the counters at the airport marked Premium Airport Bus, or buy them online in the link above.

Taking a taxi may be a better option though. As this unreliable bus will drop you off in Makati, but the taxis will drive you all the way to your hotel.

Public Bus and Train from Manila Airport to Makati

The very cheapest option to get from the airport is to take the public bus from outside the airport.

Go to terminal 3, outside the terminal you will find the bus route 2. Take this to the train system. When you arrive at the Taft MRT station, take the train to Makati.

This whole affair should cost you no more than 50 PHP, which is the cheapest option. This is also a great way to get familar with the public transport system if you are daring enough.

These last two options are obviously going to be the slowest, so again you will need to decide what is worth more, your time or a few dollars.

Learn more about where to stay in Manila here.

Have a safe trip from Manila airport to Makati!

transport guide from Manila airport to Makati, Philippines - Pinterest graphic with a photo of a jeepny on the road
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