Cebu Nightlife Guide (Our Favorite Areas and How to Stay Safe)

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So you’re looking to explore the nightlife in Cebu city, and don’t know where to start. Lucky for you I was in the same situation as you a month ago. After doing my own research on the different bars, clubs, and restaurants in Cebu, I went out into the night at the spots suggested by people, and had a great time.

The best areas to enjoy the Cebu nightlife is around Ayala Mall, Cebu IT Park, Mango Square for tourists. In these spots, you can find a good variety of restaurants, bars, and entertainment catering to tourists looking to enjoy the nightlife.

Cebu also has a casino and some high-end clubs for those looking for a big night out. Expect to find a mix of locals and foreigners in all these areas.

Lets have a look at the different areas, so you can decide what will suit you best.

What kind of nightlife are you looking for in Cebu?

Are you looking to party all night in a club, or are you looking for a good meal and some entertainment? Cebu nightlife offers both, and everything in between as well.

In the community there are generally three or four areas that are recommended in Cebu City for travelers looking for a night out on the town.

High End Nightclubs

Party-goers in the Philippines range from the rich looking to blow some money, to the normal citizens going out for a night of fun, and to the adventurous tourists and international students.

For the first category, the best high end parties in Cebu can be found in two locations. First at Liv SuperClub in Mandaue, and secondly in Morals and Malice near IT-Park in Cebu.

There is also the casino in Cebu, which we will talk more about bellow. But note that this guide is aimed more at the average traveler than the high-roller.

Tourist hotspots for nightlife in Cebu

Since most travelers looking for accommodation converge around the popular Ayala Mall, it is only natural that there are a lot of nightlife options in the area.

Archbishop Reyes Ave for a good night out

As I wrote in my hotel guide for Cebu a few weeks back, Archbishop Reyes Avenue is the best place to stay if you want to experience the nightlife in Cebu as a tourist.

The area is full of restaurants, bars and hotels.

You will also find a variety of people around here. Locals and tourists alike flock to this street at night. And it is easy to make new friends around here if you are in the market for one.

The big advantage of this area is that it is very tourist friendly. There are a huge variety of accommodation options around here, and you may end up staying here yourself. That makes this street and the surrounding areas very accessible for travelers.

Nightlife IT-Park in Cebu

If the bars and nightclubs around Ayala Mall is not to your liking, there is also an area called IT-Park that is on the rise.

This area offers a lot of the same as the streets around Ayala Mall. That is bars, restaurants, nightclubs, also a lot of karaoke for those looking for a fix.

If you want to venture away from the huge mall this could be a great second option.

Casino in Cebu

Halfway between Ayala Mall and IT-Park you can find Waterfront Hotel & Casino Cebu City (Agoda affiliate link). This is the casino in Cebu City.

For those looking to blow some cash, or gain a new experience (with gambling!!) this could be an excellent place to stay. The casinos hotel is also perfectly located for a night out, as you can see bellow.

Like mentioned above generally, you want to stay around this area if you are a traveler. As most of the action you will be looking for is between Cebu IT Park, Ayala Mall and Mango Square you don’t even need to leave the area.

This is also considered a generally safe area of the city.

Google maps image of the spots for the best nightlife in Cebu City. The photo shows the area from Ayala Mall to Cebu IT Park.
Where the nightlife for travelers is concentrated

The whole area is walkable. And from one end to the other shouldn’t take you more than 45 min if you stop to look at some of the different bars and restaurants along the way.

While locals report online that most of the city is reasonably safe, most locals and travelers agree that the area above is the most safe in Cebu City.

Mango Square Cebu

Mango Square in Cebu is another tourist hotspot for nightlife. Just like the other areas you will be reasonably safe here, and find all the nightlife options you are looking for.

A Google Maps image of the Road from Ayala Mall to Mango Square in Cebu City
The path from Ayala Mall to Mango Square

However, some travelers say that they were pestered by young children begging and ladies offering them unwanted services. But as long as you keep your wits with you at all times there are lots of good times to be had around here.

There is also some good live music in some of the bars around here. But for most looking for nightlife on Cebu, going over to Ayala Mall will be a better experience overall.

Mango Square seems to be a bit past its prime. Aging buildings and some vacant storefronts are reported.

What people can you expect to meet?

If you stay in the party zones you can expect to meet a mix between the average tourist, lots of Koreans studying English, and locals.

Show some caution

There are reports of lots of prostitutes, especially in the nightclubs and in the streets of the party areas. Generally, ignoring them, or a firm no thanks is the most effective way to stay safe.

If you encounter street children keeping an eye on your belongings can be a good idea. Whether you want to do a good deed and help them out is up to of course. But sometimes if you give a finger, they will come for the entire arm.

This is in no way meant as a warning to steer clear of all the locals. The Filipino people are a very friendly and welcoming one. And you can surely meet some great new friends and make some good memories with the locals.

Foreigners enjoying the Cebu nightlife

Connecting with other travelers is also very easily done, as you have quite a few things in common (not including intoxication!). There will be lots of other foreigners in these areas of the city.

And if you are interested in Koreans and their culture, this is a great opportunity to chat to some. Many Koreans come to the Philippines not only for the nightlife and beautiful islands, but also to learn English!

Nightlife costs in Cebu

The costs for alcohol outside of supermarkets can vary from very cheap 30 PHP, to pretty expensive 200+ PHP.

Drinks in Cebu

As anywhere in the world, you will find the best deals around happy hour in bars. And the most expensive drinks will of course be found in the more exclusive nightclubs where 100-200 PHP for a drink after paying 200-500 in cover charges isn’t unheard of.

For a normal price in a bar expect to pack between 40 and 60 PHP for a small bottled beer.

Food costs

For meals for two and drinks in a nicer restaurants about 1000 PHP would be a good budget. There are also a variety of cheaper options available, with street food and fastfood available for only 50-200 PHP per meal!

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