Where to stay in Cebu: The hotels near Ayala mall

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As I was planning our first trip to Cebu, I realized there is no good information available online on where to stay on Cebu! After spending the better part of a day researching, I have written up this guide on where to stay in Cebu.

If you are visiting Cebu city for the first time, staying near Ayalla Mall or IT Park seems to be your best options. While Cebu city is not large, these are central location with lots of food, shopping and nightlife attractions nearby. There is also Casino nearby for those interested!

Cebu hotels near Ayala Mall

The hotels near Ayala Malls offer a great value. While there are accommodation options all around the area, most expats and travelers recommend stying on Archbishop Reyes Avenue.

This is the most central area for travelers, and offers supermarkets, restaurants, as well as bars and nightlife if you are feeling up for it! There are both budget hotels near Ayala Cebu, as well as more expensive hotels with pool and more comfort.

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Two great options are the hotels Quest, and Mandarin Plaza Hotel. These prices for the hotels on Archbishop Reyes Ave. near Ayala Mall seems to vary. If you calculate between 1500-2000 PHP per night during your stay you should be able to find a good mid-range hotel in the area.

Recommended hotels near Ayala Mall:

Mandarin Plaza Hotel (Agoda affiliate link) offers great value right in the middle of the action.
Quest Hotel and Conference Center Cebu (Agoda affiliate link) is also a great option for travelers. But this hotel comes at a higher cost than the first one.

Hotels near IT Park in Cebu for a smaller budget

If the Cebu hotels near Ayala Center are not to your liking, IT park in Cebu also offer a lot of the same options for travelers. During our hotel research, we found that the hotels near IT park in Cebu can be found for a much lower rate than accommodation near Ayala Mall.

We found budget hotel rates all the way down to 800 PHP per night. After researching these hotels look like clean and safe hotels.

Some of the recommended hotels near IT Park are:

Cebu Budget Hotel – City Center (Agoda affiliate link) which is the cheapest option in the area.
Holiday Spa Hotel (Agoda affiliate link) near Cebu Country Club is a hotel with pool in Cebu for a great price.

If you decide to stay in this area there is also nightlife nearby, as well as shops, and restaurants near IT park. You can also check out the restaurants and bars near Ayala Mall. It is only a 15-20 minute walk away from IT park depending on where you decide to stay.

Casino in Cebu

Between Ayala Mall and IT park you can also find the casino in Cebu city. If you are the gambling type, you can stay at the hotel in the casino as well. Waterfront Hotel & Casino Cebu City (Agoda affiliate link) is the name of the hotel. It is located in the same building as Casino Philipino.

If you want to stay in this gambling mans heaven (or hell?), the casino hotel in Cebu is going to set you back 4000+ PHP per night. People speak mostly positively of the casino in Cebu city. The same goes for the hotel. But I can help but wonder if you can find more value for your pesos elsewhere.

Other areas in Cebu to stay

There are other places to stay in Cebu as well. But for a first time traveler, hotels near Ayala Mall or IT park are recommended.

Locals insist that most of the city is safe to stay, so check it out if you wish. But simply out of convenience, staying in the areas recommended above in Cebu city is best.

To continue learning about the Philippines, check out my article on where to stay in Manila next.

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