Bobby Urban Anti-Theft Backpack – Our Favorite

As a traveler your backpack is the most important purchase you make. After 6+ years of travel I have tried out a few different options I want to share with you.

The Bobby Urban Theft-Proof Backpack is my favorite. It is made from cut-resistant material, and the top is rolled up and secured with a lock. It is comfortable to wear, especially as a daypack. It will only set you back 150 USD.

There are a few drawbacks and a few fixes that we will discuss a bit further bellow.

Bobby Urban Theft-Proof Backpack as Your Main Bag

My travel style is usually very light-weight. I believe in traveling light, so the fact that the Bobby Urban isn’t super ergonomic doesn’t bother me. If you are looking to travel with a lot of items perhaps this bag is not for you.

But for the size it is, this bag is surprisingly comfortable to wear. It has some padding in the back in addition to being really small.

The backpack is well balanced. The fact that it is water-resistant is also a huge plus when you bring your laptop along.

bobby urban anti-theft backpack rolled up and opened
Bobby Urban Backpack open, a deep backpack

This is what the bag looks like when it is fully opened. This brings me to the main disadvantage of this bag.

It is so deep. Organizing this bag without packing cubes and bags is near impossible. It is also a huge hassle to take things out of it if it isn’t organized, as it is so deep.

Using packing cubes like these is the easiest way to get around this problem.

I also use dedicated electronic bags as well as a toiletry bag. This makes this bag a whole lot easier to travel with.

Bobby Urban Anti-theft backpack from behind showing off the black straps and compartments

On the backside there is a pocket that is secured behind your back. This one is good for keeping your phone or passport/tickets in.

Behind one of the shoulder straps there is a RFID-secure little card pouch. I never used it because the placement is so silly, and you can’t fit anything else in there together with the card without risking it falling out.

Bobby Urban as a Primary Backpack on Your Travels

As long as you keep a system in there, and travel light this backpack is great.

It can easily get filled up if you buy a lot of stuff on the road though. So be mindful of what you buy. There is a strap that can be fastened on the outside of the bag. Here you can put your less valuable belongings like shoes, or a small helmet.

photo of Bobby Urban anti-theft backpack unlocked but rolled up

Here is what the bag looks like if you don’t use the lock.

I can strongly recommend this backpack if you travel with valuables. The lock is large enough that you can lock it to a sink, or chair. If you are in a cheap hotel without a safe, this bag will keep your stuff safe. It has gotten to a point where I don’t even bother taking my stuff out of the Bobby Urban since it will keep it almost as safe as a real safe.

Here is our Amazon affiliate link if you want to buy it: Bobby Urban Anti-Theft Backpack

Here is a more in-depth review if you are interested, but haven’t made up your mind yet.

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