The Best Surf Beaches in Tenerife (Las Americas to Costa Adeje)

In this article we continue on from Playa del Camisón where we ended our part one of The Best Beaches in Tenerife South search. Continuing west we see all the surf beaches in Tenerife South, as well as some more beautiful black sand beaches.

Big Waves and Rocky Surf Beaches in Tenerife

Unlike the previous tourist friendly beaches, the next set of beaches caters a lot more to the adventurous. Here are all the waves you seek for you beach holiday. As we continue to walk west along the beachfront from Playa del Camison, you will notice a drastic change from golden sand and calm waters to sharp rocks and huge waves.

sharp rocks as we walk towards the best surf beaches in tenerife

You will still see tourists laying around on the stony beaches, but you won’t see many people swimming around here. You will however see a quite healthy amount of surfers enjoying the best waves Tenerife has to offer.

Walking Towards Playa del Bunker

For the next 15 minutes as we are leisurely strolling along the oceanfront there are only rocky beaches and bandaged surfers to see until we hit Playa del Bunker.

playa del bunker with waves crashing in the background

This strip seems to offer a lot of waves, beach shops, drinks, and restaurants. The prices around here are a lot higher than on the volcanic black sand beaches from Los Christianos to Playa del Camisón. You can expect to pay for the location and view, as the food and drink offered is nothing special.

As we hit Playa del Bunker, you see three things: First, tourists taking photos by the beautiful rock formation and art by the rocky beach.

Second, a walled off beach club that could easily be confused with a German World War 2 bunker that had a beautiful pool installed.

And third, A LOT of surfers. The beach itself is nothing to brag about. It is sharp and uneven, but the waves here are excellent, and surfers seem to love it.

Looking for the BEST BEACHES in TENERIFE pt. 2 (Playa de las Americas to Costa Adeje) Canary Islands
Video review of the beaches!

Playa de las Américas, The Top Surf Beaches in Tenerife

As we pass Playa del Bunker, we see the stone beach Playa de las Américas. Also a surfer favourite. You can see a lot of vanlife campers in the parking lot next to Burger King.

vanlife on a parking lot outside Burger King and Palmbeach surf school on in playa de las americas

Behind the beach you will find Palmbeach Surf Shop & School, as well as many other surf schools. And with good reason, as this seems to be the one of the absolute top surf beaches in Tenerife.

Surrounding the beach there are lots of photographers, hippie beach enthusiasts, and surfers. The rocks on the beach are mostly round. Definitively a bit more comfortable than the previous surfing spots.

Watch out as you approach the water, as there seems to be more sharp edges there. There is some “sand” further from the water, but I’d say it’s barely worth mentioning, as it was less comfortable than the rocks.

playa de las americas full of photographers and surfers

The prices for food and drink here are pretty steep compared to what you get by walking another 5-10 minutes further. A lot of people seem to enjoy sitting in the restaurants and watching the ocean here as well.

Volcanic Black Sand on Playa de Troya

As we continue to walk up the coast we cross a bridge, and immediately see to another volcanic black sand beach. This one is quite popular, and is full of waves.

big waves hitting the wave breaker in front of the volcanic black sand on Playa de Troya

On this beach there is a good mix between people surfing, and people who have come there to sunbathe and relax.

There is definitively a lot more people here than on the previous beach. But I found it to be a lot more relaxing than on the playa de las Americas beach. I think it is because the streets behind are a lot less busy.

Surrounding this beach, as well as the next one, Playa de El Bobo, there is a lots of cheap bars selling 1 Euro beers and 3 Euro glasses of sangria. Make sure to grab a glass, as it was delicious!

Mellow Sunbathers and Raging Waves at Playa de El Bobo

At the very end of this stretch we enter a beach that is surrounded by wave breakers (sorry surfers, you can’t walk on them!), full of lazy tourists, and constantly flooded by large waves crashing in. The people who were not knocked out by the sun, was playing around and getting “knocked out” by the waves. Good fun. Be careful though.

Raging Waves at Playa de El Bobo just about to make contact with a lady

This beach was my personal favourite out of the bunch. Not surfer friendly by any means, but as a person who enjoys waves and soft black sand, this one was a winner. There is also less traffic here, and the same cheap food, and drinks as you can find around the previous beach, as well as down in Los Americas.

If you continue walking you will come to a very beautiful viewpoint, after a good 5 minutes of exercise walking uphill.

a view down at the beaches in the article from the viewpoint in costa adeje

So Where Should You Go?

As you can see there is a lot to pick from, and I would say that the further up you get, the less surfer friendly it is here. I prefer the last two beaches, Playa de El Bobo and Playa de Troya as a lazy sunbather. But as a surfer I would stay further south where the waves are more accessible, just make sure to wear shoes!!

I didn’t go any further than this, but if you only stay around here you will find everything you could ever need for both surfing and relaxing.

If you want to read about some more beaches in Tenerife south, check out part one of this article. And here is our favourite hotel on Tenerife!

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