Hotel Mediterranean Palace Tenerife Review

In November 2019 we stayed at Hotel Mediterranean Palace for a whole week. This old and beautiful hotel is right in the middle of the action on Tenerife. The fact that the hotel is located right next to Hard Rock Cafe, and being a stones throw away from the beautiful beaches of Playa de las Americas, means you get the best of both relaxation, and nightlife.

Entering Hotel Mediterranean Palace

From the outside the hotel the is more of an eyesore than a beauty. Especially since the Mediterranean Palace is located right next to the ridiculousness that is Hard Rock Cafe Tenerife and Cleopatra Palace. But as you enter the baby blue block everything changes.

the mediterranean palace from the outside with the sun shining on the Mare Nostrum Resort logo

You are greeted by a large, large lobby. With four elevators on both sides. The floor is polished to a near shine, and the decorations are extreme in both size and ambition, like what you will come to expect from the Mare Nostrum Resort.

After checking in, and drinking your glass of sparkling wine you are led to your room. We stayed on the top floor, I believe it was the sixth. The view from the room was spectacular, but more on that later.

lobby in the mediterranean palace a receptionist is helping a customer while smiling

The Dated Luxury Room of the Mare Nostrum Resort

As we enter our standard room, we see a very oversized desk/drawers/place-to-put-your-suitcase. It is ugly and black, as is the large wardrobe facing the bed, in here there is a standard safe.

Review of Hotel Mediterranean Palace - Playa de las Americas, Tenerife (+ Practical info)
Video review of the hotel

The beds are large, and relatively comfortable. They could use an upgrade, as they were pretty worn out. Make sure to let them know if you will be needing twins as they seem to make them as a king size bed otherwise.

The bathroom is clean, and there are two sinks, a bathtub/shower, toilet etc. Like the rest of the room all the facilities in the bathroom is quite dated, but of good quality, and the phone next to the toilet makes me think this hotel must have been quite something in its prime 30 years ago.

The TV in the room is a small thing hanging on the wall facing the bed. And the Wifi in the hotel was great!

So was the view. As you open the curtains you are faced with a fantastic view of the entire pool area, as well as the beach, and ocean.

I highly recommend asking for a ocean view room in advance. Preferably on the top floor. The view alone made this hotel worth it for me.

the pool outside the mediterranean palace surrounded by palms. With the ocean in the background

You have a lot of neighbours surrounding you in every direction, but we didn’t have any trouble with them.

As far as noise goes, there is some from the parties downstairs. Until around midnight or so I would say you can hear it loudly. But it was not so loud that it caused irritation or woke us up.

Breakfast Buffet Review

In the morning Hotel Mediterranean Palace Tenerife offers a breakfast buffet. You just walk down to the ground floor, on the eastern side you can just walk in and sit down somewhere. If you need help finding a table, you can ask the waiters.

The buffet got everything you come to expect from a resort hotel buffet: eggs made to order, breads, cheeses, pastries, pancakes, waffles, bacon, more eggs, salads, juice, coffe, sparkling wine, and much more. We did not get bored with it at all after a week.

the breakfast buffet at the mediterranean palace. In the photo there is a fried egg, waffles, pancakes, a doughnut, a fried tomato, a cup of coffe and some dessert

There is a bit of a chaos as you walk around to get your food, as there is not a very good system in place, but you get used to it after a few rounds around the tables.

They also serve lunch and dinner here. We only tried the lunch, and it was fine. A lot less busy and a lot less food choices. Still a tasty meal!

The Pools of Hotel Mediterranean Palace and Cleopatra Palace

So heres the thing, Mediterranean Palace shares pools with Cleopatra Palace. So you can use both.

I will say that Cleopatra Palaces pools suck, as there is no sun over there, and the water is not heated. If you want peace and shade though, go there. As there are very little people there, and even less sun.

As for Hotel Mediterranean Palace, there is a lot of people here. The pool is large and cold. A lot of young families like it there. Lots of older couples as well. You will have a good time here if you like resort pools.

There are some activities for the children (and adults!) as well as a gym and a bar.

I would stay on the eastern side and try to get there very early, as the sunbeds that gets the most sun throughout the day are quickly claimed with blue towels and newspapers.

Playa del Camisón At Your Doorstep

Right over the road from the Hotel Mediterranean Palace you will find the artificial beach of Playa del Camisón. It is a beautiful, safe beach. We wrote a full review of it in our Best Beaches in Tenerife article.

Just make sure to get here early if you want a 6 Euro sunbed! Otherwise you can bring a towel, or buy a sharong from the sellers walking around the beach (don’t worry, you won’t miss them even if you try). I’d recommend getting here before 10 if you want a decent spot on the sand.

Is Hotel Mediterranean Palace the Resort for you in Tenerife?

That about sums up my review of Hotel Mediterranean Palace in Tenerife. I can recommend this hotel if you want to stay in the middle of the action, and don’t mind that the hotel is a bit aged.

The view, location, food, and staff was great. The only negatives was in the room itself. It was a bit aged, but you will mostly be there just to sleep and rest for a bit anyway, and for that it was acceptable.

If you would like to stay at Hotel Mediterranean Palace click here (Agoda affiliate link to the hotel).

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